Welcome to The Buendi Times!

Welcome to The Buendi Times!
The Best Part of the Day

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


We conclude another year at Buendia.

Though camp merely exists for twenty six days out of the year, we refer to our time here in years.  "How many years have you been coming to Buendia?" is what I often here.  Time changes at Buendia.  It slows us down and lets us reflect.  It also speeds up and reminds us of how much fun we have here.  The smiles and tears all lead to one simple act: learning.  Old and young we all come here to learn.  I can proudly say that we have all learned. 

Today marked the perfromances of all our theater plays and everything turned out quite well.  All our campers stood up and performed in front of their peers.  Nervousness and laughs were common and everyone overcame the trilling experience. 

Tomorrow we will enjoy our final meal together before we come home and see our loved ones.  Thank you for all the support and we as teachers and monitors at camp are so happy to have shared this past month with so many cheerful campers.

Until next year!

July 23rd